Session Description:

Building Advocacy and Awareness go hand in hand with Collaboration.  Join us to learn about how Healthcare Hospitality Network is joining with the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) to bring advocacy and awareness to the mission of HHN and our member houses.  

C-TAC represents more than 170 national and regional organizations dedicated to ensuring that Americans with serious illness receive care consistent with their values and that honors their dignity.

HHN has become one of their newest members with the goal of casting a light on the important role that healthcare hospitality housing plays in patient care and caregiver support.

We will be learning about the C-TAC organization and their advocacy efforts around healthcare issues, as well as having a general discussion around what advocacy looks like for Healthcare Hospitality Network and our member houses on both local and national levels.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Awareness of healthcare hospitality and its impact on improving access to healthcare and impact on caregiver wellbeing and patient outcomes.
  2. Inclusion in conversations about “transitional care” and telehealth and how healthcare hospitality homes may play a role in shorter hospital stays and improved patient outcomes.
  3. Creation of a case for support for areas where major medical systems are under-served in the area of healthcare hospitality.
  4. Creation of a medical code specific to “medical lodging” to elevate the service our members provide and all for advocacy for private insurers to include medical lodging in their benefit plans.
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