CHH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Please review some of the FAQ's we have received. If you have questions or want to speak with staff, feel free to reach out to Emily Lynch (elynch(at)
Q: How do I know what courses I have completed?
A: Individual houses are required to track your team's progress. To do so, the TEAM LEADER should log in to your CHH account. Once you enter credentials and are directed to the home dashboard, click the “Achievements” tab. All coursework should appear with certificates of the courses you have taken and passed. You can see how many total credits you have as well as count the credits achieved in each category. To get an idea of how many courses your team has completed as a whole, the Team Leader on the account should have the accessibility to oversee all progress their team has made from their account only.  
NoteOnly the team leader can oversee the whole teams progress! Your credit requirements are based on house size and available here. 
Q: How long does my initial certification last?
A: The certification cycle lasts two years. This means that once your house completes the initial certification, you have two years to gain the recertification CEUs required. 
Q. What do I do when I think I have enough credits to become a Certified Hospitality House? 
A. Certified Hospitality Houses will be awarded annually at the national conference. If you think you have achieved the required coursework to become a CHH or re-certify, contact Emily Lynch at the national office BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15th. Your credits will be reviewed at that time. Remember, you are responsible for notifying the national office of your status before the deadline in order to be awarded for that calendar year.  
Q: I have enough courses completed for my house size, why is my house still not certified?
A: You’re so close! While your team may have reached the required amount of CEU’s to certify your house, you must demonstrate your knowledge in the seven categories each of equal importance. To make sure you have a well-rounded learning experience, use the second chart linked HERE as a checklist to ensure you meet the required minimum of coursework in each category.
Q: What if my team took all category courses available, but there aren’t enough courses available yet for our house to fulfill a category? What options are available to reach certification?
A: While our course library is still very much growing, we understand there may not be enough courses available to meet the requirements we ask of our larger houses at this time. The options are as follows: 
1) attend HHN conferences and submit e-signatures for eligible credit(s).
2) submit outside coursework
3) If you are a large house and don’t have enough modules to take in those lacking categories, we will allow you to swap in any extra coursework you’ve completed in other categories as long as you still meet: 1. The requirements for the categories with enough courses available and 2. reach the total CEU’s required of your house among all categories.
Q: How do I go about sending in outside coursework for credit?
A: For submitting an external course for credit to e[email protected] please provide:
  • the workshop name
  • workshop details
  • suggested CHH category
  • and supplementary documents
We will forward these on to the CHH Committee for review, a decision on what the category, and approval. Once we get the committee’s decision, we will add the course name into the CHH program and you can log-in and e-sign for the credit. 
Q: I have forgotten my password, how do I regain access to my account?
A: Locked out? The system will allow you to reset your own password. Select the option and check your inbox, the email address linked with your account should receive a message shortly after reset, walking you through next steps of regaining access to your account. Not finding your email, don’t forget to check junk mail – sometimes it ends up there!
Q: When will I receive the next progress report or have our status re-checked?
A: The national office will review progress once a year and let teams know their status. It is the team's responsibility to track progress and notify the national office with questions. 
Q: How often does my subscription renew once our house is certified? 
A: Regardless of if you are certified or not you will receive an invoice for annual payment with your annual membership dues. This subscription grants continued access to CHH so that you and your team can continue to take courses at any time – you’ll be allowed full-access to the program and all of its learning tools 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. If you suspend your CHH renewal at any time, you will lose your progress to that date. Only current subscribers can become a CHH.