The report was sent to participating members on November 20, 2020. Non-participating organizations can purchase the report and supplementary documents at the link below. The toolkit includes:

  • The HHN National Hospitality Impact Report (IRB approved)  – this is 24-page PDF is the actual survey data. Included in this report is the original survey, the responses, and for some key questions: additional charts, graphics, or illustrations that visually communicate the impact being measured.  
  • The report is shared as a PDF which can be distributed to partners and potential funders. In addition, we will be sharing the In Design files which includes the graphic templates. This will enable you to edit or re-arrange the order of the questions and the table of contents will automatically update. Additionally, the graphics templates are included in the In Design program allowing you to adapt the graphics and illustrations to your individual data so that you can compare your individual house with the national stats. We will be sharing instructions from our graphic designer on how to navigate the files and hopefully address anything that may be confusing. We are testing these files now and will get them up on our website soon. 
  • The Supplemental Case Statement Examples: the purpose of this document is to assist you in framing case statement examples to help communicate your mission and program impact to potential funders. The case statements help explain why we included specific questions in the survey and how to use the data to enhance your grant writing. Also included in the document are supplemental studies and information to give you a sense of the research and data that can be referenced when developing your individual case statements (links to the references are included in the footnotes). 
  • On-demand recording presenting the final report with the Hospitality Impact team. They were joined by a grant writing expert who shared best practices when adapting and utilizing the survey in your grant applications.

This is the only known industry survey that captures the impact of healthcare hospitality houses on patient outcomes.



*If you are a current member of HHN and participated in the National Impact Survey, then the final report was sent to you for free! Non-participating organizations can purchase the full report and toolkit at the link below. 
Purchase the Report & Toolkit

A sneak peak of what's included:



  • Measuring the Effectiveness of a Program: Measure what is effective, what works, and what specific services are achieving the desired results.

  • Identifying Effective Practices: Identify which activities you should continue, what to develop, and where to focus limited resources (staff, time, financial)

  • Identifying Practices that Need Improvement: Some practices may need to be modified or changed in order to improve.

  • Proving Your Value to Existing and Potential Funders: The climate for funding social services and capacity building has undergone radical transformations. Funders are keenly aware of the need to document the success of programs. It is vital social programs are able to demonstrate that they meet the requirement for established evaluation standards.

  • Getting Clarity and Consensus Around the Purpose of Your Program: Everyone in your organization from board members to staff and volunteers, should understand what is going on in your programs and what it is intended to achieve.

The Hospitality Impact report will benefit your organization AND HHN, enabling us to better advocate for our members!


Please watch the program orientation video to find out how to prepare to participate in this program, understand how the process will work, and get answers to frequently asked questions. 


Benefits of the Hospitality Impact Report
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Thank you to the National Hospitality Impact Survey team!

Toni Moore,
President and CEO of Philos Hospitality
HHN National Hospitality Impact Survey committee chair

Dr. Denna Wheeler, Ph.D.,
Director of Rural Research and Evaluation
Center for Health Sciences and Center for Rural Health
Oklahoma State University

Dr. Catherine Curtis, Ph.D., CHE
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Oklahoma State University


And thank you to our Pilot Committee for your tremendous effort in preparing this tool, which will benefit our members and HHN!

  • Dan’s House of Hope (Houston, TX)
    An independent non-profit that serves Adolescents and Young adults (AYA’s ages 15-39) with cancer through lodging and support services.

  • Family House, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)
    Serves patients and families receiving medical care in Pittsburgh at four separate house locations.

  • Gift of Life Family House (Philadelphia, PA)
    Serves transplant patients and their families receiving treatment in Philadelphia for transplant-related care.

  • JW House (Santa Clara, CA)
    Located on the campus of Kaiser Permanent Santa Clara Medical Center, JW House serves individuals and families from area hospitals.

  • Philos Hospitality (Tulsa, OK)
    A faith-based nonprofit that provides lodging for families and caregivers receiving treatment in Tulsa, OK.

  • SCCA House (Seattle, WA
    Serves patients and families traveling to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

  • SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals (Chapel Hill, NC)
    Serves patients and families traveling to UNC Hospitals for medical treatment.