• Measuring the Effectiveness of a Program: Measure what is effective, what works, and what specific services are achieving the desired results.

  • Identifying Effective Practices: Identify which activities you should continue, what to develop, and where to focus limited resources (staff, time, financial).

  • Identifying Practices that Need Improvement: Some practices may need to be modified or changed in order to improve.

  • Proving Your Value to Existing and Potential Funders: The climate for funding social services and capacity building has undergone radical transformations. Funders are keenly aware of the need to document the success of programs. It is vital social programs are able to demonstrate that they meet the requirement for established evaluation standards.

  • Getting Clarity and Consensus Around the Purpose of Your Program: Everyone in your organization from board members to staff and volunteers, should understand what is going on in your programs and what it is intended to achieve.


  • Provide sound and reliable findings that demonstrate what works and what doesn't work;
  • Identify potential obstacles to attaining your mission;
  • Healthcare is one of the leaders in using evidence-based research for policy-making. Participating in the National Hospitality Impact report will enable members to effectively identify and isolate the activities and programs that have the biggest impact on healthcare outcomes;
  • Provide annual impact reports to your Board of Directors, financial supporters, hospital / healthcare partners, private donors, government agencies, and grant providers. 

When the program closes, participating members will receive the National Hospitality Impact Report in addition to your organization/house's individual results. This data can be used to create your house's individual impact reports with your unique data. Members can use the data from their report to create unique impact reports depending on the audience they are intended for. Examples of how to share this data will be provided at this time and a template will be available to download for members to modify with their data to create an impact report. 


Nonprofit organizations face a growing demand for services and support from limited resources. Resources must be directed to programs and strategies that have clear and sustainable impacts, or that foster these impacts on socially desirable outcomes and goals. HHN is the only professional membership association in North America comprised of all types of nonprofit hospitality houses. Impact evaluations provide sound and reliable findings that inform what programs are most effective. 

Our mission at HHN is to support healthcare hospitality houses to be more effective in their service to patients and families. We strive to champion the unique role of HHN and the industry across North America. We advocate for the inclusion of HHN members in the-cost effective delivery of healthcare services both regionally and nationally.