Overview of HHN Member Benefits


Members of the Healthcare Hospitality Network become associated with nearly 200 houses nationwide and have access to a number of benefits.  Here is an overview of those member benefits:


1. Access to the Members’ Area of the website.  One of the premier benefits is the HHN House Resource Guide; this is the compendium of the voices and experiences of hundreds of members over the years. Click here for more information: HHN House Resource Guide Table of Contents 


2.  Ask the Expert is a monthly call-in session with guest experts providing information on a variety of topics specifically targeting hospital hospitality house issues.  This call-in session is part ‘presentation’ and part question & answer.  Members are also able to purchase a recording of the sessions to have in their libraries for use whenever they need it.  Sessions include fundraising, planned giving, governance, operations, volunteers, and a host of other topics.


3.  Members have the opportunity to ask questions of the entire membership through our Member Broadcast, Member-Initiated Surveys, and Discussion boards.  The questions are on a variety of subjects and all members can send in responses.  The results are compiled and posted in the Members’ Area so that they are available to all members at any time.  Here are some of the most recent topics our members have discussed:

  • Adopt-a-Day as a fundraiser
  • Advice for Serving Children
  • Calculating Operating Costs
  • Creative Board Reports
  • Day Service Rooms
  • Eviction Policies
  • Family Newsletters
  • Fundraising Items for House Anniversaries
  • Furnishing a New Home
  • Grant Funding
  • Guest Charges, Billing, and Related Issues
  • Guest Records and Histories
  • Guidelines and Policies for Food Donations
  • Guidelines for Distribution of Monetary Assistance
  • Hospital Support
  • House Reservation and Management Systems and Programs
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Length of Stay
  • Night Security Policies and Procedures
  • Occupancy and Success Metrics
  • Occupancy Limits and Legitimacy
  • Policies for Caregiver Stays
  • Privacy Policies
  • Registered Sex Offenders
  • Retirement Plans
  • Service Animals
  • Staffing Night and Weekends
  • Waiting Lists
  • Outcome Measurement Study – Hospitality House of Tulsa
  • Accounting Programs
  • Blogging and Social Media Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • Board Development & Reorganization
  • Contracting Housekeeping
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Current Trends – Demands for Lodging
  • Damage Deposits
  • Employee Healthcare Benefits
  • Guests & Housekeeping
  • Hiring a Guest Relations Receptionist
  • Hospitality House Expansion
  • House Reservation Systems and Software
  • Infectious Organisms
  • No Charge or Suggested Donations
  • Preparing for a Transplant Patient
  • Safety & Sanitation Policies
  • Signature Fundraising Events
  • Social Media Policies and Job Descriptions
  • Social Media Survey
  • Toiletries
  • Underage and Unmarried Guests
  • Using Excel or Access for House Management
  • Youth Volunteer Opportunities
  • Director Compensation Policies
  • Exercise Rooms
  • City Permit Requirements for Kitchens
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Guests and Head Lice
  • Employee Breaks
  • Measuring Volunteer Impact on House Operations and Budgets
  • Employee Flex Time Policies
  • Accommodating Guests with Special Needs
  • Hospital Financial Support
  • Medical Marijuana



4.  Peer to Peer Ambassadors:  On of the most valuable aspects of membership in HHN is the ability to learn from others who have years of experience.  Our members volunteer to provide support and guidance on a variety of topics of great importance to our other members.  By learning from one another and sharing experiences, our members do not have to ‘re-invent the wheel’.  Peer to Peer Ambassadors topics include:

  • Starting a Hospital Hospitality House
  • Fundraising
  • Working with a Sponsoring Organization
  • Board Development and Governance
  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Management
  • Human Resources
  • Guest Issues
  • Outcome Measurements, Feasibility Studies and Benchmarking
  • Faith-Based Houses and Programs
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Administrative Policies and Record Keeping
  • And others…


5. House Management System:

Non-Profit Software Corporation: Hospitality Housekeeperprovides guest tracking, reservations, and membership management solutions for healthcare hospitality houses.


6.  Referrals for lodging: We receive over 1,500 phone calls a year for housing referrals and countless numbers of people visit our website for referral information.  Members are posted on our website and we refer callers to our member houses.


7.  The HHN National Conference and Regional Meet-Ups: The national conference and Regional Meet-Ups provide the opportunity to learn, share and network; they inspire and rejuvenate our members.  There are also tours during the conference of the local houses. 


8. The only national Certified House Professional program that is available to members that meet certain criteria after 3-years of house management experience.  To view the CHP brochure, click here: HHN Certified House Professional Brochure


9.  We issue the only nation-wide hospitality house survey that captures data on budgets, positions, salaries, benefits and services.  This annual survey has helped many members in their strategic planning, budgeting and setting compensation for staff.  Click here to view the 2015 survey questions to see the type of data we collect and provide to our members:  HHN 2015 Member Survey


10.  All nonprofits are required to file the IRS form 990 each year.  Included in the 990 report form are several questions about policies and governance.  We offer our members nine policies that were written by an attorney and that meet the IRS expectations.  To have these policies drafted by an attorney for your organization could cost hundreds of dollars or more.  We offer these nine policy templates to members at a significantly reduced cost.  Once purchased, the policies are easily customized to the specific organization and can be used every year until, and if, the house’s Board decides to change them.  Form more information, click here: HHN Form 990 Policy Packet


11. Use of the HHN logo on the members’ website and marketing materials.  Members’ websites are also linked to the HHN website.


12.  Members embarking on building a new house or expanding upon an existing building have the opportunity to purchase Hospitality QuickStart at a deeply discounted rate.  This program provides floor plans, cost estimating tools, construction schedules, and other tools critical to building a house. It also includes 15 hours of consultation with our

QuickStart team.  For more information: HHN Hospitality QuickStart 2013 


We don't have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it. 

These days, you can feel like you’re from another planet without a social media campaign rolling. 

Most members would agree it’s a good idea to jump on the social media bandwagon.  But how do you accomplish it with limited staff and no free time to figure it all out; let alone maintain and monitor activity?  Are you afraid of what can go wrong?  What are the legal implications?

HHN is now offering members a solution that takes care of the hassle, confusion, and to-do list guilt that social presence creates.

For an affordable flat monthly fee, HHN will set up and maintain your social media.  We will create and post content to your pages twice weekly.  You can also continue to post and maintain as you have time.  You remain in control, but we do all the work. This new member-only service is available through the HHN office.

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Members also have the opportunity to volunteer on committees, present workshops at the national conference, serve as an Ask the Expert presenter, host a Regional Meet-Up, and work on projects.  For more information, contact the Healthcare Hospitality Network at 800.542.9730 or by email: click here


To apply for membership, click on HHN Membership Applications