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History of HHN

What is a Healthcare Hospitality House?
Healthcare Hospitality Houses (HHH) provide lodging at significantly reduced costs to patients and their caregivers while receiving life-saving medical care away from their home communities.  While hotels serve guests traveling for many different reasons including business, holidays, reunions, conferences, and so on, Healthcare Hospitality Houses provide an environment created specifically to support patients and their caregivers dealing with healthcare issues. By creating a welcoming and communal space for those going through similar stressful situations, a sense of community is created where patients and caregivers can support one another. Most Healthcare Hospitality Houses have shared kitchens, common living areas and private bedrooms and bathrooms that create a feeling of a home-away-from-home and a safe place to land each day. Healthcare Hospitality Houses help alleviate the financial burden often associated with medical crises and have shown to reduce stress on both the patient and family members.

Healthcare Hospitality Network from the Beginning


The first NAHHH office was in the basement of the Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw, in Saginaw, MI.

A 25-member steering committee met at the Hospital Hospitality House of Saginaw in Saginaw, Michigan. With a start-up grant of $15,000 from the Wickson-Link Foundation, the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses took shape. The first offices were located in the basement of the HHH of Saginaw.

The association created a membership organization with the goal of assisting the existing Hospitality Houses with networking services and developing resources to aid in their operational needs. The other focus of the new association was finding ways to work with communities across the United States in the development of more HHH programs.



Original Asociation Logo

First logo for Association

Bylaws, articles of incorporation created and elected first officers. First newsletter and directory published.


“House Notes”, a membership newsletter created.


Strategic plan introduced.


Hired first staff person to administer NAHHH and first computer donated to manage membership.  


Salary survey conducted for members.


NAHHH is included as a resource in a book written by Roslynn Carter about caregivers.


The first course in hospitality began at conference. Created affiliate membership



First Hospital Hospitality House Week established with input from the American Cancer Society.


Ronald McDonald Houses began to join NAHHH 


American Cancer Society collaborated with NAHHH to produce new HHH directory. First website launched.


Conference canceled in Scottsdale, AZ, because of the 9/11 tragedy and rescheduled for November.


Members received first mebership plaques.

Photo of Member Plaque


NAHHH held the Annual Conference in Chapel Hill, NC, hosted by the SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals, and celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the association.


The association's name changed from National Association of Healthcare Hospitality Houses (NAHHH) to Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. (HHN).


HHN signed the first AMC contract with Nonprofit Resources, LLC, a company based in Rapid City, SD, for staffing and operations.


COVID-19 pandemic impacted all our members, with many closing doors temporarily for the first time. The planned conference in San Antonio was canceled and the first Virtual Annual Conference was held.  


Offered first Virtual Round Table Session in December. 


The new website was launched that allows for more interaction among members and efficiency in operations. Affiliate member category and benefits were changed under a new Supporting Partner member category.