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Reminders for 2024 planning:  Insurance and the HealthcareHospitality Sector

Send updated payroll, staff lists and any changes to your staff count to your insurance agent quarterly or in real time

Ensure that all employee policies, guidebooks, handbooks or procedural documents are updated and reviewed annually

Autos and Drivers – send update to vehicles and driver lists to your agent quarterly or if changes are made or new vehicles purchases or donated

Property changes, additions, modifications or upfits – send information to your insurance agent so they can have the property values adjusted accordingly – as you grow and expand, so do your insurance and risk needs

Cyber Crime – on the rise!  Unfortunately, these criminals target the vulnerable, the good-hearted, over-worked and under-staffed and nonprofits are a big target.  Make sure you are covered with cyber security needs.  This insurance is usually cost-effective and annual premiums can be quite low for really good coverage that protects patient/family information, loss of work revenue and attorney fees/tech experts to get you up and running again.

Please reach out if you have questions – happy to help make sure all HHN members are protected and insured in the right and best way

Rachel Urban |  |