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This program provides members with access to our online learning management system, which contains over 60+ valuable educational courses specifically useful for our industry.

National certification exists for almost any industry you can imagine. The Certified Hospitality House program provides a long-overdue way to distinguish houses which maintain high training standards and follow best practices.

*Please note this is a continuously growing resource library and will be updated regularly as more courses are available.




Easy and affordable access to exclusive industry-specific education: The training platform has eliminated the hassle, personal expense, and inconvenience of being individually certified, while still preserving your ability to continually educate yourself and enhance the reputation of your house.


Other benefits include:

  • Confirmation of quality for your valued donors and grant-making organizations. 
  • Improved availability and risk mitigation: employees with the right skills can identify problems and provide solutions with ease.
  • Improved productivity and reduced cost, decreased turnover: employees with certifications tend to stay with organizations longer, reducing hiring costs and minimizing disruption to the organization. Reducing turnover can go a long way to mitigating financial and time losses that accompany high turnover.
  • Superior agility: while many individual’s focus on specific tasks in their field, cross-training and upskilling staff with professional certification makes an organization more agile and improves the overall performance.
  • Professional credibility: Give your guests, your partners, and your support community confidence in your organization.
  • Boost productivity: studies by a variety of organizations (including Microsoft, IDC, CompTIA, and Novell) have shown that employees with a professional certification are more productive. That’s because certifications better prepare your team to deal with day-to-day challenges. Certification helps lead to more efficient processes and can improve the productivity of team projects.
  • Improved efficiency: best practices in budget, financing, human resources, and can help your team quickly identify inefficiencies and can increase your success, financially.
  • Become a better evaluator of the talent and skills of others. Once you work through Certification you will be in a better position to evaluate the skills of others, evaluate your own strength and weaknesses, and gain a broader understanding of the skills that are most effective.
  • Gain confidence that your team set a goal, developed a plan, and worked through each benchmark.
  • Gives you a growing toolkit to draw upon when needed. You have mastered and new body of knowledge and may have filled in areas that were blindspots prior to Certification.
  • Experience is the greatest teacher, but Certification and standardized education benchmarks ensures that you have exposure to ideas outside of your comfort zone.




HHN has added a library of over 800 courses for our members to utilize. See below for a brief overview of collections for you to add to your teams library.

Health and Well BeingCaring for your mind is as important and crucial as caring for your body. Learn about the "Five ways to well-being" steps and how they can improve your mental wellbeing.

Mental Health: Learn important information about accessing support in the workplace for a mental illness. Take courses that build on information about Mental Health in your workplace.

Hospitality: Learn how to soft sell hospitality and what your customers expectations are. Customer service is about how they treat us, how they handle complaints or issues, and how they leave us feeling after an interaction.

Discrimination and Harassment: Everyone has the right to do their job without being treated unfairly. Learn about you’re responsible for protecting the organization and its employees from unfair harassment and discrimination.

Sexual Harassment: Learn about how to make sure you work somewhere you feel safe and can maintain healthy relationships with co-workers.

Dealing with Stress: If you learn how to manage your time properly, not only will you be more productive, you will also find yourself feeling a lot less pressure. Take a variety of courses on stress management.

Diversity: Learn the effect of knowing your own unique value, as well as that of others.

RecruitmentThe recruitment process is an important part of human resource management, and it isn't done without proper strategic planning. Learn about how to recruit effectively. 

Professional Training: Professional training is an ongoing process. Successful organizations expect continuing education and/or training to stay current with changes in their field. Build on your knowledge by a variety of training courses.





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