HHN Board of Directors Committee Rosters

Ask the Expert Committee

Chair: Joan Malley, Harbor House of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Committee Members:


Certified Hospitality House

Works with the Executive Director and Committee Chair to evaluate, define and enhance the Certified Hospitality House (CHH) curriculum and qualifications; and review certification applications.

Chair: Sarah Hoehlein, Hackerman-Patz Patient and Family Pavilion, Baltimore, MD: [email protected]

Committee Members:


Events Committee

Works with the HHN Executive Director and Conference Host to actively recruit sponsors, speakers and underwriters; provide feedback and input on conference content and activities; and volunteer during the conference. Works with the Executive Director and Conference Chair to plan for future conferences. 


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall oversee the budget, audits, and investments, as directed by the Board of Directors and in accordance with the standing rules. 

Chair: Jon Hansen, InteGrace, Eldersburg, MD: [email protected]


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall oversee board and officer nominations, board development, bylaws, and legal activities, as directed by the Board of Directors and in accordance with the standing rules.

Chair: Jon Hansen, InteGrace, Eldersburg, MD: [email protected]



Charge of Committee: Works with the Executive Director and Committee Chair to actively recruit prospective new members; serve as ambassadors for HHN with new members; and assist with member retention and renewal.

Committee Co-Chairs:

 Committee Members:


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Q. How often do committees meet?
A. The committees set their meeting schedule at the beginning of each calendar year. Meetings take place through an online webinar link and on average committees meet for one hour each month.
Oftentimes there are action items for the committee to work on in between meetings, for example: the Membership Committee assists with member outreach during our renewal drives and outreach to prospective members; the Event Committee works with the host team and national office on a variety of tasks in support of the conference(s) that takes place in addition to the regular meeting schedules. 


Q. What is the benefit of joining a committee?
A. It's a great way to get more involved with the leadership group of HHN. Each committee is chaired or co-chaired by an HHN Board Member. Committee work is a great way to build connections with your industry peers as well as provide an opportunity for professional development as we deep-dive into a variety of programs essential to HHN's mission.