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Education and Online Resource Library 

A compendium of resources available digitally, including: HHN House Resource Guide, archive of expert webinars, survey reports, conference workshops, and the industry’s only nation-wide hospitality house survey that captures data on budgets, positions, salaries, benefits, and outcome measurements. 


"Sometimes there is information that our group (Board of Directors, Hospital, or our House) cannot access in any other way than the combined experience of an HHN survey. We have turned to these many times over the years and the observations of our peers have guided the way."
Debbie Fraley, Housing and Family Coordinator, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance House, (Seattle, WA) 



Learn, share, network with industry professionals at the national conferences and regional workshops

“The Conference is a life-line to this position. There is so much to glean from counterparts. I truly believe in the power of workshops, house-tours, and networking!”

Linda Mejia, Executive Director, Jacob’s House (Temecula, CA) 



The Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. is the only professional membership association in North America comprised of all types of nonprofit hospitality houses. Founded in the early 1980s and incorporated in 1986, HHN is proud to serve nearly 200 members ranging from small houses to houses with over 100 guest rooms. In addition to the houses, members include the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Trivers Associates, Non-Profit Software, and Fisher House Foundation.

Professional Certification

HHN provides members with the industry’s only professional certification program. Certified House Professionals have successfully mastered core academic coursework as well as having gained the required professional experience within their organization. 


We provide a free referral service on our website connecting patients and caregivers with all members providing lodging resources. In addition we receive over 1,500 phone calls a year for housing referrals. 


Social Media Management

Don’t have social media set-up at your house yet? HHN offers members a solution to get your social media accounts rolling. For an affordable monthly fee, HHN will set-up and maintain your social media. Contact the national office for more information and make sure that your organization has a quality online presence. 

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The mission of HHN is to support homes that help and heal to be more effective in their service to patients and families.
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